Haiku: Burning allergies

With burning passion

Like needles, they pierce my eyes

Pollen’s heartless, man

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The chess player who hated the world

This story is a work of fiction.

I hate this world.

Although I was born and raised in a loving family,

I can’t help but despise the world in which we live.

Life in this world is chaotic.

People are incoherent,

People do stupid and meaningless things

for the stupidest reasons.

Many people go through identity crises

Because the world doesn’t give them a place where they can belong.

In this world, humans would rather fight each other, instead of working together.

That’s why I took refuge in chess.

Each piece has a specific role,

Each piece has a specific identity.

Each move is coherent and has a meaning.

Pieces help one another, and will never betray their allies

Even if it means sacrificing their own life.

Pieces are not bound by any emotion,

Nor can they act on their own free will.

Thus, chaos cannot exist.

It is true that pieces still fight,

But it is only because they are under the orders of a human.

Take away the humans behind the scenes,

And the chessboard becomes a peaceful place,

Where every piece can coexist without harming anyone.

I wish the world was a chessboard,

Because I wouldn’t have to be angry nor sad

Every time I hear about the atrocities happening each day.

I wish I was a chess piece,

So I wouldn’t have to share the pain of the poor victims.

I wish I was a chess piece,

So I wouldn’t be cowardly enough to escape this horrid world

By taking my own life.

– Ley

Source: The chess player who hated the world

A message from Aku, the demi-divinity from the end of time

Born in the end of time,

Death holds no meaning.

Chosen by the divine beings,

I travel through times, dimensions and realities.

Not human, nor divine,

I break the barriers of existence itself,

Looking for the roots of evil that will bring the world to its end.

Through my many “jumps”, and the changes I’ve made in mankind’s history,

My journey is finally coming to an end,

For I have finally found the final root, the root that began everything — the original sin.


Source: A message from Aku, the demi-divinity from the end of time

The lonely boy who wanted to be loved

Okan was a teenage boy living in the small town of Birtingham.

Being a natural genius and hard-worker, his parents were proud of him.

But if his family showered the boy with love, the situation was different outside.

Okan was not particularly good-looking, and the poor boy inherited the mean look of his father.

No matter where he went, he could feel the eyes of a hundred superficial individuals staring at him.

No matter where he went, he could hear the whispers of a hundred superficial individuals mocking his look.

At school, his classmates–corrupted by jealousy, envy and a feeling of inferiority– would avoid him.

The kind-hearted Okan, who wanted friends more than anything else in the world, tried his best to change so as to please others.

Unfortunately, no one wanted to give him a chance.

When he tried to act less intelligent, they blamed him for implying they were stupid.

When he tried to start a conversation, they would ignore him.

When he tried to help, they would push him away.

Okan wanted to understand why people hated him so much, but no one ever gave him an answer.

No one tried to understand him, and no one wanted to understand him.

Okan spent countless nights crying in his room, but his parents were always there to support him and give him the strength he needed to leave the house every day.

Until the tragedy occurred…

During a rainy night, his parents decided to cheer up their son and went to buy his favorite food.

But they never came back.

An hour later, Okan received a call. The voice at the other end was faint, but he could recognize his mother.

The woman seemed to be in pain, but she nonetheless gathered all her strength to tell her son “We love you and we always will,” before ending the call.

Later, Okan learned that his parents had died in a car accident. His heart shattered.

The young boy cried to the point of choking, but no one was there to hold him in their arms now.

The only two people who truly understood him and loved him for who he really was were dead–and nothing would bring them back.

Many were those who came to give him their condolences during the funeral. The people who once never cared about him and never tried to understand him were now telling him words such as “We understand your pain” or “We are there for you.”

But it did not matter to him anymore. It was too late.

The world had fallen apart the moment his parents died, and all he could hear were the last words of his mother before dying.

Unable to keep living in this cruel world, Okan swallowed a whole bunch of sleeping pills and fell into an eternal slumber.

A note was found near his corpse, on which could be read:

I love you Mom and Dad.

Source: The lonely boy who wanted to be loved