5 Reasons Why You Need to Make the Obvious Obvious (Writing Tip)

If there is one thing I learned from those two painful years of studying journalism, it is to state the obvious, even if it is obvious.

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What would you do if you could meet your younger self?

What would you do if you could travel back in time and meet your younger self, at a time where you still had to experience Life?

In my case, there are many things I would tell my younger self.

I would tell him to enjoy his youth as much as I should have.

I would tell him to be brave and face his shyness, so that he would not feel lonely like I did.

But I would also tell him that he will eventually make friends from whom he will learn a lot.

I would tell him to lose some weight before becoming a teenager, or he would end up with insecurities like I did since I was never able to get rid of all that fat.

I would tell him to listen to his heart and confess his love to the few crushes he will have. I simply don’t want him to have regrets, just as much as I want him to gain experience, so that he would know how to heal the broken heart of his future friends.

I would tell him to appreciate every moment he spends with his parents, and especially his father. Because one day, he will be deeply affected by their divorce and would end up not seeing his father for years. He would end up regretting it for years.

I would tell him to try and understand how hard his mother is working for him, and not to be afraid to tell her how much he loves her even when she is mean to him. I don’t want him to become like me and be unable to tell to his mother “I love you” or to show affection.

I would tell him not to imitate some of his friends’ lazy attitude, and instead to work hard at school. Otherwise, he will lose many opportunities.I would tell him to pay attention in his English class, because it will become his favorite language someday.

I would tell him not to be too rebellious with his mom, or he will end up with a broken tooth like me.

I would tell him that although he would grow to dislike his mother’s boyfriends due to her several break-ups, he should be kind to the one who would end up becoming his stepfather. Otherwise, his relationship with him will become so bad that he will end up with a broken family and will end up leaving the house.

I would tell him not to be afraid of crying when he will go through periods of sadness and pain, because it helped me a lot.

I would tell him that dark years are waiting for him, but he shouldn’t be afraid because his positive attitude and his childish innocence will help him move forward.

I would tell him to make a choice once he would have to leave all his friends to move to another country with his mother and her new husband.

He can choose to keep his positive attitude and his innocence, to move on and to continue an ordinary life in which he would make friends and maybe find love.

Or he can choose to become like me. I don’t smile anymore. I’ve lost my innocence. The naivety I had turned into wisdom, hatred and sadness. I’ve come to look at the world’s negative points and bad events happening around the world, rather than its positive points.I became arrogant, highly pessimistic, realistic, fatalistic, and sarcastic.

But despite all that, I kept hope. My goal became to create a better place for people to live in.

I found inspiration in the sadness I overcame.But now I forgot what happiness is. I forgot what love is.I forgot what trust means. I forgot what relying on someone means.

And yet, I would tell my younger self that I don’t regret the path I chose. I knew from the beginning that by telling him all that, I may have changed his future.

But I came knowing that risk,because I came to make sure he doesn’t regret the path he will choose someday.

That’s what truly matters.

Source: What would you do if you could meet your younger self?

Longer doesn’t necessarily mean better

Have you ever tried to reach the 50,000 words required for a novel, but as you progressed, you became unhappy with what you wrote because you realized you wrote unnecessary things in order to expand the story — thus degrading the quality of your story? I personally did. Although painful, it made me realize one important element: the importance of words.

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Writing tip: Look beyond the bigger picture

If you’re a fellow writer, then you know how difficult it can be sometimes to find what to write next, thus leaving ourselves stuck on a scene for hours (or even days). It happens to me quite a lot, especially in the book I’m currently writing. The big problem with being in this kind of situation is that we may end up getting discouraged, going as far as abandoning the project after losing any hope to find something interesting and coherent to write.

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Writing tip: Take your time, switch off your pride

I’m participating in the Nanowrimo 2016, a 1-month event happening every November where writers from all over the world are challenged to write a 50,000 manuscript. Although I don’t particularly use the forums on the Nanowrimo website, I checked regularly on Twitter the #NaNoWriMo2016 hashtag, which is used by writers to share their word count, motivational pictures, quotes, pieces of advice, but also their fears and their doubts.

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