The chess player who hated the world

This story is a work of fiction.

I hate this world.

Although I was born and raised in a loving family,

I can’t help but despise the world in which we live.

Life in this world is chaotic.

People are incoherent,

People do stupid and meaningless things

for the stupidest reasons.

Many people go through identity crises

Because the world doesn’t give them a place where they can belong.

In this world, humans would rather fight each other, instead of working together.

That’s why I took refuge in chess.

Each piece has a specific role,

Each piece has a specific identity.

Each move is coherent and has a meaning.

Pieces help one another, and will never betray their allies

Even if it means sacrificing their own life.

Pieces are not bound by any emotion,

Nor can they act on their own free will.

Thus, chaos cannot exist.

It is true that pieces still fight,

But it is only because they are under the orders of a human.

Take away the humans behind the scenes,

And the chessboard becomes a peaceful place,

Where every piece can coexist without harming anyone.

I wish the world was a chessboard,

Because I wouldn’t have to be angry nor sad

Every time I hear about the atrocities happening each day.

I wish I was a chess piece,

So I wouldn’t have to share the pain of the poor victims.

I wish I was a chess piece,

So I wouldn’t be cowardly enough to escape this horrid world

By taking my own life.

– Ley

Source: The chess player who hated the world


A message from Aku, the demi-divinity from the end of time

Born in the end of time,

Death holds no meaning.

Chosen by the divine beings,

I travel through times, dimensions and realities.

Not human, nor divine,

I break the barriers of existence itself,

Looking for the roots of evil that will bring the world to its end.

Through my many “jumps”, and the changes I’ve made in mankind’s history,

My journey is finally coming to an end,

For I have finally found the final root, the root that began everything — the original sin.


Source: A message from Aku, the demi-divinity from the end of time

The lonely boy who wanted to be loved

Okan was a teenage boy living in the small town of Birtingham.

Being a natural genius and hard-worker, his parents were proud of him.

But if his family showered the boy with love, the situation was different outside.

Okan was not particularly good-looking, and the poor boy inherited the mean look of his father.

No matter where he went, he could feel the eyes of a hundred superficial individuals staring at him.

No matter where he went, he could hear the whispers of a hundred superficial individuals mocking his look.

At school, his classmates–corrupted by jealousy, envy and a feeling of inferiority– would avoid him.

The kind-hearted Okan, who wanted friends more than anything else in the world, tried his best to change so as to please others.

Unfortunately, no one wanted to give him a chance.

When he tried to act less intelligent, they blamed him for implying they were stupid.

When he tried to start a conversation, they would ignore him.

When he tried to help, they would push him away.

Okan wanted to understand why people hated him so much, but no one ever gave him an answer.

No one tried to understand him, and no one wanted to understand him.

Okan spent countless nights crying in his room, but his parents were always there to support him and give him the strength he needed to leave the house every day.

Until the tragedy occurred…

During a rainy night, his parents decided to cheer up their son and went to buy his favorite food.

But they never came back.

An hour later, Okan received a call. The voice at the other end was faint, but he could recognize his mother.

The woman seemed to be in pain, but she nonetheless gathered all her strength to tell her son “We love you and we always will,” before ending the call.

Later, Okan learned that his parents had died in a car accident. His heart shattered.

The young boy cried to the point of choking, but no one was there to hold him in their arms now.

The only two people who truly understood him and loved him for who he really was were dead–and nothing would bring them back.

Many were those who came to give him their condolences during the funeral. The people who once never cared about him and never tried to understand him were now telling him words such as “We understand your pain” or “We are there for you.”

But it did not matter to him anymore. It was too late.

The world had fallen apart the moment his parents died, and all he could hear were the last words of his mother before dying.

Unable to keep living in this cruel world, Okan swallowed a whole bunch of sleeping pills and fell into an eternal slumber.

A note was found near his corpse, on which could be read:

I love you Mom and Dad.

Source: The lonely boy who wanted to be loved

The end of mankind: The future of the suicidal

I woke up on the backseat of a car, thirty years into the future.

I can’t recognize the driver, but she claimed to be my cousin.

Her wrinkles betrayed a tiredness of a few years.

As she drove, I decided to take a look through the window.

To my horror, I witnessed a devastated land where the vegetation had long disappeared.

Abandoned cars, showing the traces of multiple accidents brought by panic, were surrounding the road.

The trees, now nothing more but the ghosts of their past glory, had lost their leaves and wore the ropes of Death.

The sight of decaying corpses hanging by the neck on some of those ropes was enough to freeze my blood.

My cousin told me with the voice of a person who did had grown tired of trying to survive, that mankind had reached a point where humans’ only wish was to finally die and leave this Hell.

World War III, created by the foolishness of two arrogant world leaders, brought misery to the entire world and the Earth had turned into a purgatory where humans were waiting for the divine punishment.

Warm tears rolled down my cheeks as I heard her repeating again and again how she wished things would have turned out differently.

When I asked her where she was going, all she said was “They are waiting for me up there.”

After that, everything went black and I woke up in the present. Whether or not what I saw was a premonition is something I will probably never know.

Source: The end of mankind: The future of the suicidal

A time traveler’s mistake

2136– The world was drowning in eternal darkness. The constant wars between countries over the ownership of the first time machine turned the once peaceful and beautiful cities into battlefields in ruins where the weak was killed in cold blood. The rare citizens who were unfortunate enough to be alive stayed in underground hideouts and were constantly moving without knowing whether they would be able to eat or drink the next day, and fearing that each second would be their last one.

In order to change an apocalyptic present with no future for mankind and prevent it from happening, a group of scientists decided to use the time machine to send a soldier into the past. One man, scarred by the many wars he fought and the many losses he suffered, volunteered. Despite the scientists warning him about the possibility of him not being able to come back to the present, the soldier made up his mind and was ready to sacrifice his own existence to erase this hell that no one deserved.

Bearing the survivors’ hope on his shoulders, the soldier traveled to the year 2030, where the first drafts of the time machine were made public.

When the soldier came out of the time machine, he found himself on the roof of a building. The cold breeze of a winter day caressed his neck teasingly and made him shiver in a pleasant way. Ready to change the past and create a better future for everyone, he was about to head to the the conference that would bring devastation when he was stopped by a sudden heartache.

Before the soldier realized it, he was agonizing in pain on the icy floor of December. Unable to move, alone on the rooftop of an unknown building in an unfamiliar era, the soldier died without accomplishing the goal he came for.In their hurry and despair, the scientists had forgotten that unlike their era in which no bacteria remained alive and where no one had ever been sick in years, bacteria still existed in the year 2030 and would kill them in a matter of minutes due to the weakened immunity of the 2136’s survivors.

A simple mistake prevented them from erasing the devastation that was awaiting the world in the years to come.

Source: A time traveler’s mistake

He who hides in the corridor

This is a work of fiction.

I live in a dormitory because I can’t get along with my stepfather. Despite the undying ruckus caused by horny and childish students, my room is a sanctuary in which I can find the peace of mind I have always wanted.

Unfortunately, my room doesn’t have a kitchen, nor a bathroom.

Being the unsociable weirdo of the dormitory–as the others call me–, I used to try and avoid everyone at night by taking a shower past midnight, when most of the students are either sleeping or too busy to leave their room.

But to reach the bathroom, I have to walk through a long corridor–a corridor I began to fear after that one night.

I remember leaving my room and pushing the light switch several times. But no matter how many times I tried to turn the lights on, the corridor was still drowning in total darkness.

Using the flashlight of my phone, I walked through the silent corridor. And there, I saw it. Although it was at the other end of the corridor, I could clearly see a shadowy figure.

The more I stared at it, the heavier the air became. My uneasiness started to grow stronger, but I decided to disregard the figure as it was not unusual for a student to come out of their room in the middle of the night to smoke.

After I finished showering and came out of the bathroom, I decided to check whether the shadow was still there or not. It was still standing there, but this time, I could see two eyes staring straight at me.

The heavy air from earlier had not disappeared and instead grew heavier, suffocating me with fear. Taking the safest option, I decided to walk back to my room.

‘Don’t rush. Don’t show your fear,‘ I thought. My heart was racing so fast I thought I would throw up. Like any person in a situation of danger, I decided to peek behind me to ensure that I was far from the shadow.

To my horror, the shadow had grown closer. This time, I could see a huge and hideous smile drawn on its face. I saw its long teeth as sharp as razor blades moving slowly, and heard it whispering words that still echo in my head up to this day. I will rip your head off and devour your soul, sinful child.

Having now lost my composure, I hurried and tried to open the door of my room, but my hands were shaking so violently that I could not manage to insert the key into the keyhole. At the last moment, when I finally managed to unlock the door, a hand with sharp claws touched the back of my neck.

I rushed inside my room and closed the door behind me, as tears strolled down my cheeks. Had I taken one more second, I would have been dead.

Since that night, I’ve never gone out of my room after midnight–fearing to see that monster again. My mother did not believe me when I told her about the shadow, and claimed it was nothing but a nightmare. You’re not a kid anymore so stop bothering me with your silly stories, she would say.

But I know it was not a nightmare because everyday, I use a mirror to check the horrendous mark on the back of my neck–a mark that will only disappear after the shadow gets what it wants.

When I sleep at night, I can feel its presence growing closer. I don’t think the door will be enough to protect me anymore. I can feel it next to my bed, waiting for me to turn my back.

I decided to close my eyes. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Goodnight, sinful child.

Source: He who hides in the corridor

The Wandering Translator

There is a rumor circulating around

about a person who wanders the lands.

No one knows what that person looks like,

all we know is that it is a woman.

She wears a long cape,

which covers both her body and her head.

But her appearance is not what made her famous.

This woman is known as the wandering translator.

She travels around the world,

not to experience new cultures,

or to see new horizons.

She travels around the world,

to solve conflicts between groups and individuals who cannot understand each other,

to unite the divided,

to protect and promote the peace that gave birth to her.

There is no language she doesn’t know,

or culture she hasn’t discovered.

She doesn’t ask for a “Thank you”or a reward.

All she asks for,

is for her identity to stay unknown,

and for her mother Peace

to live on in the heart of those she met.

She hopes that,


everyone will be living in the same sun.

Source: The wandering translator