This story is a work of fiction.

I hate this world.

Although I was born and raised in a loving family,

I can’t help but despise the world in which we live.

Life in this world is chaotic.

People are incoherent,

People do stupid and meaningless things

for the stupidest reasons.

Many people go through identity crises

Because the world doesn’t give them a place where they can belong.

In this world, humans would rather fight each other, instead of working together.

That’s why I took refuge in chess.

Each piece has a specific role,

Each piece has a specific identity.

Each move is coherent and has a meaning.

Pieces help one another, and will never betray their allies

Even if it means sacrificing their own life.

Pieces are not bound by any emotion,

Nor can they act on their own free will.

Thus, chaos cannot exist.

It is true that pieces still fight,

But it is only because they are under the orders of a human.

Take away the humans behind the scenes,

And the chessboard becomes a peaceful place,

Where every piece can coexist without harming anyone.

I wish the world was a chessboard,

Because I wouldn’t have to be angry nor sad

Every time I hear about the atrocities happening each day.

I wish I was a chess piece,

So I wouldn’t have to share the pain of the poor victims.

I wish I was a chess piece,

So I wouldn’t be cowardly enough to escape this horrid world

By taking my own life.

– Ley

Source: The chess player who hated the world


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