I woke up on the backseat of a car, thirty years into the future.

I can’t recognize the driver, but she claimed to be my cousin.

Her wrinkles betrayed a tiredness of a few years.

As she drove, I decided to take a look through the window.

To my horror, I witnessed a devastated land where the vegetation had long disappeared.

Abandoned cars, showing the traces of multiple accidents brought by panic, were surrounding the road.

The trees, now nothing more but the ghosts of their past glory, had lost their leaves and wore the ropes of Death.

The sight of decaying corpses hanging by the neck on some of those ropes was enough to freeze my blood.

My cousin told me with the voice of a person who did had grown tired of trying to survive, that mankind had reached a point where humans’ only wish was to finally die and leave this Hell.

World War III, created by the foolishness of two arrogant world leaders, brought misery to the entire world and the Earth had turned into a purgatory where humans were waiting for the divine punishment.

Warm tears rolled down my cheeks as I heard her repeating again and again how she wished things would have turned out differently.

When I asked her where she was going, all she said was “They are waiting for me up there.”

After that, everything went black and I woke up in the present. Whether or not what I saw was a premonition is something I will probably never know.

Source: The end of mankind: The future of the suicidal


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