2136– The world was drowning in eternal darkness. The constant wars between countries over the ownership of the first time machine turned the once peaceful and beautiful cities into battlefields in ruins where the weak was killed in cold blood. The rare citizens who were unfortunate enough to be alive stayed in underground hideouts and were constantly moving without knowing whether they would be able to eat or drink the next day, and fearing that each second would be their last one.

In order to change an apocalyptic present with no future for mankind and prevent it from happening, a group of scientists decided to use the time machine to send a soldier into the past. One man, scarred by the many wars he fought and the many losses he suffered, volunteered. Despite the scientists warning him about the possibility of him not being able to come back to the present, the soldier made up his mind and was ready to sacrifice his own existence to erase this hell that no one deserved.

Bearing the survivors’ hope on his shoulders, the soldier traveled to the year 2030, where the first drafts of the time machine were made public.

When the soldier came out of the time machine, he found himself on the roof of a building. The cold breeze of a winter day caressed his neck teasingly and made him shiver in a pleasant way. Ready to change the past and create a better future for everyone, he was about to head to the the conference that would bring devastation when he was stopped by a sudden heartache.

Before the soldier realized it, he was agonizing in pain on the icy floor of December. Unable to move, alone on the rooftop of an unknown building in an unfamiliar era, the soldier died without accomplishing the goal he came for.In their hurry and despair, the scientists had forgotten that unlike their era in which no bacteria remained alive and where no one had ever been sick in years, bacteria still existed in the year 2030 and would kill them in a matter of minutes due to the weakened immunity of the 2136’s survivors.

A simple mistake prevented them from erasing the devastation that was awaiting the world in the years to come.

Source: A time traveler’s mistake


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