This is a work of fiction.

I live in a dormitory because I can’t get along with my stepfather. Despite the undying ruckus caused by horny and childish students, my room is a sanctuary in which I can find the peace of mind I have always wanted.

Unfortunately, my room doesn’t have a kitchen, nor a bathroom.

Being the unsociable weirdo of the dormitory–as the others call me–, I used to try and avoid everyone at night by taking a shower past midnight, when most of the students are either sleeping or too busy to leave their room.

But to reach the bathroom, I have to walk through a long corridor–a corridor I began to fear after that one night.

I remember leaving my room and pushing the light switch several times. But no matter how many times I tried to turn the lights on, the corridor was still drowning in total darkness.

Using the flashlight of my phone, I walked through the silent corridor. And there, I saw it. Although it was at the other end of the corridor, I could clearly see a shadowy figure.

The more I stared at it, the heavier the air became. My uneasiness started to grow stronger, but I decided to disregard the figure as it was not unusual for a student to come out of their room in the middle of the night to smoke.

After I finished showering and came out of the bathroom, I decided to check whether the shadow was still there or not. It was still standing there, but this time, I could see two eyes staring straight at me.

The heavy air from earlier had not disappeared and instead grew heavier, suffocating me with fear. Taking the safest option, I decided to walk back to my room.

‘Don’t rush. Don’t show your fear,‘ I thought. My heart was racing so fast I thought I would throw up. Like any person in a situation of danger, I decided to peek behind me to ensure that I was far from the shadow.

To my horror, the shadow had grown closer. This time, I could see a huge and hideous smile drawn on its face. I saw its long teeth as sharp as razor blades moving slowly, and heard it whispering words that still echo in my head up to this day. I will rip your head off and devour your soul, sinful child.

Having now lost my composure, I hurried and tried to open the door of my room, but my hands were shaking so violently that I could not manage to insert the key into the keyhole. At the last moment, when I finally managed to unlock the door, a hand with sharp claws touched the back of my neck.

I rushed inside my room and closed the door behind me, as tears strolled down my cheeks. Had I taken one more second, I would have been dead.

Since that night, I’ve never gone out of my room after midnight–fearing to see that monster again. My mother did not believe me when I told her about the shadow, and claimed it was nothing but a nightmare. You’re not a kid anymore so stop bothering me with your silly stories, she would say.

But I know it was not a nightmare because everyday, I use a mirror to check the horrendous mark on the back of my neck–a mark that will only disappear after the shadow gets what it wants.

When I sleep at night, I can feel its presence growing closer. I don’t think the door will be enough to protect me anymore. I can feel it next to my bed, waiting for me to turn my back.

I decided to close my eyes. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Goodnight, sinful child.

Source: He who hides in the corridor


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