There is a rumor circulating around

about a person who wanders the lands.

No one knows what that person looks like,

all we know is that it is a woman.

She wears a long cape,

which covers both her body and her head.

But her appearance is not what made her famous.

This woman is known as the wandering translator.

She travels around the world,

not to experience new cultures,

or to see new horizons.

She travels around the world,

to solve conflicts between groups and individuals who cannot understand each other,

to unite the divided,

to protect and promote the peace that gave birth to her.

There is no language she doesn’t know,

or culture she hasn’t discovered.

She doesn’t ask for a “Thank you”or a reward.

All she asks for,

is for her identity to stay unknown,

and for her mother Peace

to live on in the heart of those she met.

She hopes that,


everyone will be living in the same sun.

Source: The wandering translator


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