As I sail on the ocean with my crew,

I look at the vast horizon.

All I can see are

the light blue sky in which birds fly freely,

not bounded by any earthly ties,


the dark blue water,

in which creatures of the deep sea

roam freely with nothing but death to stop them.

Although not part of one world or the other,

We can relate to those creatures.

We decided to live a life out on the sea

because we were outcasts back on the land.

Tied by laws, expectations, cultures, social issues,

we were suffocating.

But here,

in this empty place full of mysteries,

we feel like we are finally living

for the first time since the day we were born.

We don’t ask people to understand us,

or to like us

because it simply does not matter to us.

All we ask

is for this life full of adventures

to never stop.

We are not part of this dead society in which humans live.

We are not men of the modern era.

We are men who embraced Life.

We are men who embraced Nature.

We are men of freedom.

Source: Men of freedom


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