I wander around this beautiful town,

where everyone knows each other

and where people live their ordinary life.

But this place is not ordinary.

The sun never sets,the wind never blows

and invisible walls prevent us from leaving this Hell.

No one knows how they arrived here, nor do I.

The only thing I remember before waking up here

is me, standing on top of the highest building I could find,

feeling the strong and ice-cold wind tightening around my neck.

The eyes of the world riveted on the fool who had given up on living.

With my eyes closed, I remember taking a deep breath

and taking a step into emptiness, making my way towards the light

waiting for me at the end of the path.

After all, maybe I know what this place is and why I’m here.

And all the people here probably know it too.

We were banished here

for rejecting this gift known as Life.

Aimlessly wandering this town,

where we cannot find happiness,

we have to make amends to ourselves

to be freed from this endless torture

and be granted forgiveness.

Source: The purgatory for suicidal victims


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