During Christmas Eve,

after the children fell asleep

and the adults spend the night with their loved ones,

I come to each house

and leave wonderful gifts

for both the kind, and the naughty,

because my love has no boundary.

I drink the glass of milk and eat your delicious cookies made with love,

and before leaving, I take away your nightmares,

so that you would wake up with a smile on your face,

ready to get my little presents for you.

Sometimes, my reindeer,

all cuddly and playful,

come into your room.

Although you are asleep, you pet their fluffy little heads,

and they leave, happy and ready to travel around the world.

Forgive me if you never see me,

but I’m a bit shy.

Just know that you all hold a dear place in my heart.

I hope you smile and spend some heartwarming time,

whether it is by yourself, with your friends, with your loved one, or with your family.

Merry Christmas!

Source: Merry Christmas!


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