I wake up in the middle of the night.

It’s Christmas.

Being a cheerful 9-year-old-child,

I rush to the living room,

expecting to find mountains of gifts

under the Christmas tree

Mommy and Daddy bought for me.

But once I arrive in the living room,

walls have been painted of a crimson red.

It’s not the color of the kind and smiling Santa Claus,

but the color of Life…

and Death.

In the middle of the room,

standing next to two corpses opened in half,

a clown with a monstrous smile and a bloody knife

turns his head towards me and looks straight into my eyes.

Frozen by fear and unable to speak,

as rivers of tears drown my face in sadness,

I close my eyes,

hoping the nightmare would end.

I hear footsteps growing closer to me by the second,

and after a short silence,

the last thing I hear is him whispering in my ear:

“Merry Christmas.”

Source: Bloody Christmas


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