I’m a professional photographer,

but people don’t pay me to take pictures

of the beautiful landscapes.

Nor do they ask me to capture

the best moments of their lives.

Because my camera doesn’t capture

mere illusions to make broken families believe they are happy.

What my camera captures

is the ugly truth lying behind the mask people wear.

The photographs I take

don’t show the smiling faces standing in front of my camera.

The photographs I take show husbands and wives hating each other,

children with rotten faces, traumatized or depressed,

friends who despise each other,

and in the worst case,

my photographs show the demons hiding inside their heart.

How many years have I been waiting

to see a smiling face

on the other side of this cursed object.

But I grew tired

of being hated,


spat on,

beaten up,

for showing people the truth they refuse to admit,

for giving them a chance to end

their unnecessary misery.

With the rope of death around my neck,

I decide to take one last picture.

How sad is it to see

my camera showing me

my own smile

as I leave this hated world.

Source: Capture the truth


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