Sitting on my favorite chair, I wait for my morning breakfast.

I see you cooking in the kitchen, but only your back is visible.

All that can be heard

is the sound of bacon grilling in your frying pan

and the heartbreaking sobs

of a woman who regrets her current life.

I hide behind my newspaper, grinding my teeth

I start remembering the past,

and the happy memories we had.

But all is gone now.

All we have left

are the endless arguments after exhausting days at work,

the insults we spit at each other followed by torrid nights,

and the fights that left you in tears so many times.

As you come in the room and put my eggs and bacon on the table,

with your swollen face,

you whisper something inaudible.

But I know because I wished the same thing as you.

As I take a look at the slightly burned food in my plate,

I smile.

It is a bittersweet smile.

Without a word,

I take a bite.

My body gradually becomes numb,

my sight becomes blurry,

and soon enough,

I collapse on the floor.

You look at me with no regret or pity in your eyes

while I agonize on the floor, waiting for my last breath.

I married you with passionate love,

You killed me with passionate hatred.

Source: With passionate hatred (My Niume blog)


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