The Writer’s Symphony: A reflection of a philosophy I gained over the years

The Writer’s Symphony‘s tales, through its different settings and characters, reflects a philosophy and wisdom I gained over the years. In a certain way, this collection of tales was a way for me to convey my own thoughts about the world and about mankind, in a way that would not be violent nor biasing for the younger readers.

Moreover, although the last chapter of the book is through a third person narrative, a dialogue between me (as the writer) and the reader, it does not fully explain the book and the story behind each tale. But it was done on purpose. I did not want to simply give a long, painful and soporific explanation at the end to give the reader the meaning behind every tale. It would not be fun for the reader, and it would not be fun for me.

Instead, through the last chapter, I am giving the reader a path to follow, from which they can start to reflect on each tale. Therefore, once the reader finishes the book for the first time, I encourage them to reread it again and again. The path I am leading the reader to is in no way a straight line. As I mentioned before, my goal is not to bias anyone and especially not the younger readers who are still learning about life. Through my tales, I am giving the reader my own point of view about the world but without being direct.

By being indirect, I encourage the reader not to simply listen to me like a student would listen to a teacher in class — a way of learning which prevents the child from truly understanding a concept and develop their own point of view — but to reflect on the actions of each character playing a role in one of my stories, and from there, develop their own point of view on this or that matter. Through their thought process, each reader will agree or disagree with me, but regardless of what their opinion will be, what matters is that they will be able to be more thoughtful about the world which surrounds them.

If there are tales that I can suggest you to reread first, they would be the girl who wanted a flowerthe prince not so charmingthe panda who needed to find himself and the day aliens did not come to Earth.

 The Writer’s Symphony is available for only $0.99 on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Apple Store, Inktera, Payhip and Scribd.


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