The Writer’s Symphony is the first novel I wrote. Well, it may not exactly be considered a novel, although it is fiction book. As a matter of fact, for those of you who may not have read the description of the book yet, The Writer’s Symphony is a collection of tales. As a result, each tale tells the story of a different protagonist. But I had a specific reason for choosing this writing form.

Reading the first tales of the book may give the reader the impression that each of them is isolated, but said reader will come to notice the tales are in fact intertwined — whether directly or indirectly. What I mean by indirectly is that every tale happens in the same world — regardless of the period in which a tale happens or the protagonist of the story. Moreover, the final chapter of the book — the most important one — is the story which reunites every tale to create the main story of the book. But I shall not reveal the content. You will have to read the book yourself if you wish to understand.

Now the real purpose behind writing a collection of tales as my first book is to introduce characters who will become the protagonists of my future books. I will let you find out who those characters are. Moreover, I wanted the readers to feel like they are part of the story — it will become more clear once you arrive to the last chapter of the book.

The Writer’s Symphony is available for only $0.99 on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Apple Store, Inktera, Payhip and Scribd.



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